With Our World - Vida at Morgan Hill
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With Our World

On a mission to make apartment living planet-friendly

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Where our community and our planet are #1.

At Vida, we are targeting LEED Gold certification. This means we are implementing features that reduce our environmental impact and maximize your comfort. It’s just one of the ways we stand With Our World.


At every turn, we aim to make our residents as comfortable as possible by designing living spaces that enhance their quality of life.

  • Property-wide air filters reduce airborne pollutants
  • Low or no VOC materials
  • USB outlets in kitchens keep devices fully charged
  • Better outdoor lounge areas thanks to landscaping using safer pest and weed controls
  • Bicycle racks or bicycle storage facilities
  • Most communities will be near public transit encouraging residents to use sustainable forms of transportation
  • Overhangs, shade trees, and balconies to provide shading to minimize solar exposure
  • Carbon-Monoxide detectors
  • Water filtration system located in amenities


Investing in the latest technology helps us maximize sustainable features while minimizing our environmental footprint.

  • On-site solar panels power property and residential lighting
  • Low E glass windows that are more energy efficient by reducing heat transfer to interior
  • EV charging stations to support green vehicle use
  • Energy-efficient LED lighting throughout the property
  • Programmable Wi-Fi-thermostats keep eco temps front of mind and easy to manage
  • Low-flow faucets and low-flush fixtures to reduce water usage
  • Water-efficient landscaping, including native plant species and drought-tolerant ornamental species
  • Construction Waste Management Plan to divert construction waste from landfills to businesses who can recycle the material
  • Storm water plan that helps to minimize pollutants entering the ocean


On a regular basis, we pursue programming and partnerships that help us care for our environment and strengthen ties to our surrounding community.

  • Weekly recycling program makes it easier to care for waste that can’t be reduced or reused
  • Partnerships with furniture rental companies to increase item life and curb impulse buys
  • Sponsored local clean-ups help us care for our wider community
  • Biyearly battery drive to get rid of zapped energy bits
  • Reusable water bottles provided upon move-in
  • Property management activities encouraged to be paperless to reduce the consumption of paper, ink and electricity
  • All cleaning products used on-site are safer for people, pets, and the earth

Creating the world we want to live in starts with us.

With Our World is brought to you by MBK Rental Living, a leader in developing environmentally and socially responsible communities. Our comprehensive program seamlessly blends conscious design with high performance to provide healthier, more comfortable living environments for our residents.